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Pampered Chef Rapid Prep Mandoline 24391740

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Pampered Chef Rapid Prep Mandoline
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Pampered Chef Rapid Prep Mandoline


Our Rapid-Prep Mandoline lets you safely slice, dice, julienne, and french-fry cut fruits and veggies in seconds. Simply select your cut, adjust its thickness from 8 thickness settings, and get prepping. Our mandoline’s stainless-steel blade cuts through tough veggies, so you can transform a variety of ingredients into beautiful slices.

And, you can cut ingredients with confidence—our mandoline is designed to safely keep hands clear of blades. When you’ve finished prepping, you can store the food chute and food pusher in the food catch tray and fold it flat, though you’ll use it so often, you may want to leave it on your counter!


  • 3-year guarantee


  • 13″ x 5″ x 5¼” (33 cm x 13 cm x 14 cm)
  • 5-piece set: Mandoline, food catch tray, food chute, food pusher, and Dual-Sided Cleaning Brush.
  • Dishwasher-safe


    • • Adult supervision is required when using with children or persons with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge.
    • • Never leave unattended when in use.
    • • The blades are very sharp and can injure you.
    • • Never touch the blades while in use.
    • • Keep your fingers away from the blades when using and cleaning. Follow the cleaning instructions and safeguards provided.
    • • Keep out of children’s reach.
    • • Always operate on a dry, flat surface.
    • • Only operate with food chute in place.
    • • Always use the food pusher when using. Do not slice any food that cannot be held by the food chute. Do not force food items into the food chute.
    • • When using the food pusher, securely grasp the top, keeping your fingers and thumb

away from blade and within the outer edges of the slider.

  • • The teeth on the blade and food pusher are sharp and may cause injury if not used properly.
  • • Only use to cut food. Do not use for ice, hard candies, chocolate, or nuts. Do not use
    with warm foods.
  • • Only use when upright; do not use when stored on top of the food bin.


  • • Make sure the plunger is pushed all the way down and securely locked before storing.
  • • To prevent possible injury to yourself and others, make sure your hands are dry when using.
  • • Do not operate if any part of the unit is damaged in any manner. Call the Solution Center at (888) 687-2433 (United States) or (800) 342-2433 (Canada) for assistance.
  • • Keep away from sources of heat.
  • • Only use attachments provided by Pampered Chef.


A. Food Pusher
B. Food Hopper
C. Food Hopper Button
D. Plunger
E. Cover
F. Board
G. Kickstand
H. Food Bin
I. Cutting-Style Dial
J. Thickness Dial
illustration" alt="" aria-hidden="true" />


    • • Wash before using for the first time; dishwasher-safe on the top rack away from the heating element. To wash, fully disassemble, place the blade-side down so it’s flat on the dishwasher rack. Over continued time and use, potential squeaking may occur during use.
    • • To clean the blade, use the included cleaning brush to dislodge any food. Use extreme caution when handling the cleaning brush. Always use the cleaning brush when cleaning this product. Make sure your hands are dry when using the cleaning brush and never put your fingers near the blade.
    • • Make sure the product is dry before storing.
      • • For the best slicing results, food should be firm.
      • • Trim the rounded ends of foods for better contact with the blades.
      • • For long foods, cut in equal lengths and fill the hopper almost full to get even slices (i.e., celery, carrots). Otherwise, food may fall on the blade and cut lengthwise when pushed with the food pusher.
      • • Slice 3–4 small foods at a time (i.e. radishes, brussel sprouts).


To Assemble

1. Open the kickstand until it locks into place. (See Illustration 1)
2. Remove the food chute and the food pusher from the food bin.
3. Place the food bin with the notched end positioned against the back of the board. The tunnel underneath the food bin should rest on top of the kickstand bar and snap into place. (See Illustration 2)
4. Slide the cover downward to expose the cutting area.
5. To attach the food chute, slide the green food chute button up while sliding the chute into position; let go of the button once the chute is in place. Pull back on food chute to ensure it’s securely attached. (See Illustration 3)
6. To unlock the plunger, push and twist the knob counterclockwise and slowly let the plunger spring upwards. Use caution to not let go of the plunger after unlocking as this may cause the product to become unstable.
illustration" alt="" aria-hidden="true" />

To Use

illustration1. Once assembled, ensure the plunger is unlocked, turn the top dial on the back of the board to the desired cut style.
illustrationFull slices illustrationThick julienne slices illustrationThin julienne slices
2. Turn the bottom dial on back of the board to the desired thickness. Each number
represents the millimeter thickness. 1–8 mm = range of slice options
illustration8 = perfect fry cut illustration4 = perfect julienne

3. Fill the hopper with food. Here are some tips when filling:

    • 4. Use the food pusher to help guide the food through the blade while quickly pressing down on the pusher. Harder foods may require a little more pressure; do not force any food that won’t cut with minimal pressure.


    5. Food will collect in the food bin. We do not recommend storing food in the food bin.
To Store
  • 1. Ensure the unit is clean and fully dry.
  • 2. Ensure the plunger is in the locked position.
  • 3. Close the cover over the cutting blades on the board.
  • 4. Place the food pusher and the food chute on one side nested in the food bin.
  • 5. Align the green plunger over the same side where the food pusher and the food chute are. Place the board over the food bin aligning the green knob on the same side as the food pusher and the food chute. Slide the board onto the food bin. (See Illustration 4)
Pampered Chef Rapid Prep Mandoline

Sale price MXN $177.00 Regular price

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